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 Painx's Gm apps

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PostSubject: Painx's Gm apps   Mon Oct 15, 2007 8:40 am

Hello there..

Name: Erling

From: Norway

Age: 18

well.. lets start Smile I'm playing a gnome warrior and i'm level 219 atm:P
my name in game is pewpew..

My gm xp. for 3mounth ago i have my own server.. just for me and my friend;) And i think i can all the gm commands. i have played on this server for like 5days now. and i see its missing som gms. its like. "GM HELP ME" all the time:P and i like to help ppl:) I have time to play like 10-12 houers per day.. And if this server have a vt or ts i can be there and help ppl there:P
btw: I have bin gm on HLMC WOW.. its the name on the funserver:P
And i have Alot of xp on the real wow servers. ther i have a 70 hunter and a 70 mage:P I have played world of warcrat in soon 3 years:P

Thanks for ready this. hope i get a respons:P

-Erling aka pewpew-
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Painx's Gm apps
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