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 The GM application of Zellez

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PostSubject: The GM application of Zellez   Tue Oct 09, 2007 4:16 am

Even though the description for this server on wowstatus.net said you didnít need anymore GMs, I thought that wouldnít hurt to apply anyway; things would be exactly the same if I was turned down. I was going to go with a uniform list of things, but I decided to type everything in long paragraphs for the hell of itÖÖand Iím not sure whether using the layout of another server is such a good idea.
This is the part where I go on about me: I am 16, and shall be 17 in November. I am from Guam (island in the pacific that is a U.S. territory), but as of last year, I moved to the mainland U.S. and am now residing in Virginia. I only know how to speak English very fluently, but I can carry (extremely) basic conversations in Spanish and French. I am a senior in high school, and I rarely get time to play with all this homework I have (but if I donít get turned down I will try to compensate for all the time that Iím away. As Iíve mentioned earlier if I do get turned down I will still play as much as I normally do).
Iíve never been GM. Plain and simple summary in case youíre only looking for those who are experienced. I know some GM commands thanks to the internet, and I know what a GMís specific rules are thanks to watching the triumph and blunders of GMs on other servers. I have been playing WoW since a month after it came out, and Iíve played on both Kamical servers at least 5 hours each (though Iím sure I played on the funserver more). I like to help, but that sometimes depends on my mood. And I HATE spamming, though I have a ridiculous amount of patience.
I seriously enjoy the time I play on these servers; they are much more unique, fun, and active then any other servers I have played onÖ.ever. I admire the thought and effort put into the items, obstacle courses and vendors (though I have yet to thwart the cauldron runÖ.CURSE YOU SUPERB DESIGN! Lol).
None of what I put here is false. None of what I put here has been exaggerated. I have been as truthful as I possibly can be. I look forward to joining you in the near future. If I donít get hired, then it was a pleasure applying anyway.

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PostSubject: Re: The GM application of Zellez   Tue Oct 09, 2007 7:17 am

Another great application. Good Job mate.
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The GM application of Zellez
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