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 Golfpro's <GM> Application.

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PostSubject: Golfpro's <GM> Application.   Mon Oct 08, 2007 2:26 pm

Hello, I'm Paul(Golfpro) and I'm here to show you and convince you that I should be a Game Moderator.
- Now that I've told you who I am, I'll tell you what i am. I work in a software company called J.D.A. formally called Intactix. I've have been working there in the computer/Software development team building and programing Space Planning.
-Now that was the what, Now for the why. I would enjoy being a Game Moderator for many reasons. First of all I enjoy helping people and knowing what to do. I also enjoy being in a higher position because then I know I can be counted on when I'm needed. Also I'd love to join in the community by helping those who need it, and learning everyone's names and just making our community a better knit fellowship.
-That was the why, now where. I'd like to be a Game Moderator on Either of the servers, I don't mind if I get either, I would just like to help. I live in Flower mound, Texas and i would love to talk with someone 1 on 1 if I receive this position. Thank you for reading my application and i hope you can all pick me for your new Game Moderator. I don't mind if I don't get it, I'll keep at it. tongue
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PostSubject: Re: Golfpro's <GM> Application.   Tue Oct 09, 2007 6:30 am

Finally a good GM Application, you seem like a nice guy mate. Hope IQ and Scottz like you. Sincerly, Sainte.
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Golfpro's <GM> Application.
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