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 Austin's Application.

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PostSubject: Austin's Application.   Sun Oct 07, 2007 5:01 pm

What is your Account name?

What is your In-Game name?
Austin (Nightelf/Rogue)

Have you played retail VVoVV? if so how long?
Since it first Came out .....Wow am i a nerd? NO!

What is your age and gender?
13 / Male
(Dont Care if anyone has problems with my Age.Its all about skillz!)

How many classes have you played on Kamicals? And what levels are they?
Rogue 70
Mage 70
Hunter 70
Druid 70

What time of the day are you usually online, and for how long? And please the the timezone.
5-10 pm.
If im not on My brothers usually are on. So they can tell me if theres no other gms on. So then i can go on and find out what ppl need help with.

Do you have any past GM experience?

If so, about how long have you been a GM?
2 and 1/2 years : )
(4 different servers)

Do you know the Ascent/Antrix GM commands?
Yes i know them all. But knowing all of them Isnt the Best thing.
Some Gms will go out of control when they find the fly command or speed. And could cause the server some damage...But i know ppl on Kamicals Wont ever go crazy with commands. The only commands Ppl should really have to know are the One to help Characters who need Help.
: )

Why do you think we should choose you to be a GM on this server? (How should a GM act in your opinion?)
I think i should be a gm cause im Helpful in many ways. I dont only want to help Players but i also want to Help make Kamicals Team Of gms The best team we could Be.
A gm should Be responsible with His or Her Account. No . I MEAN NO! Gm should ever Give away Items Without Permission from the admin/Creator Of the server. And they should be messing around with commands every second they should be helping players. And they should always be able to Be on the Forums.

Anything else you want us to know about yourself?
I love Customs!
Ive made my own server thanks to some very helpful guides.
But they got closed by step father. : (

Do you agree to the GM Rules?
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Posts : 2
Join date : 2007-10-07

PostSubject: Re: Austin's Application.   Thu Oct 11, 2007 5:20 pm

Sry Mistake. Im 255 on Funserver. I have 4 70s on Pvp.
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Austin's Application.
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